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16. WWV.

WWV information is an important part of any DXers armoury. WWV information can be inputted by a user easily. It is also possible to get the WWV information from in the database in a number of ways.

16.1 Inputting WWV information.

To post WWV, just enter the details in the following format.

wwv sf=?,a=?,k=?,comment;comment

where the question marks are figures. The following example should make it clear.


wwv sf=72,a=0,k=5,very low;gf quiet

16.2 Getting WWV information.

To get WWV information the SHOW/WWV command is used. You can get the last five postings or any number of postings in the normal way.


show/wwv 10

outputs the last five and ten WWV postings respectively. You can also get the information for a particular date,


show/wwv 22-jan-1998

will output the WWV data for the 22nd of January 1998.

It is also possible to show the maximum and minimum data over a period.


show/wwv minimum
show/wwv maximum

will show the 5 minimum and maximum values in the database.


show/wwv minimum 15
show/wwv maximum 15

will show the 5 WWV minimum and maximum postings over the last 15 days.

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