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17. Contest information.

From version 3.03, CLX comes complete with a contest database. It is now possible to check what contests are happening during the current month. You can also look at contest dates both in the past and in the future. As well as the dates you can get the rules for any contest in the database. The collection of contest rule-files was done by DF7RX. The command SHOW/CONTEST would output something like this, where March 1998 is the current month.

Contest Time Table for March 1998

 Date      Time      Contest                              Rules-File
 Mar  3    1800-2200 Nordic Activity Contest VHF          [nordic]
 Mar  3    1900-2100 YL-CW-Party                          [yl-cw-p]
 Mar  7- 8 0000-2400 ARRL International DX Contest SSB    [arrl]
 Mar  7- 8 0000-2400 Danish SSTV Contest                  [danish]
 Mar  8    0700-0900 UBA Spring Contest CW                [uba-80]
 Mar 10    1800-2200 Nordic Activity Contest UHF          [nordic]
 Mar 10    1900-2200 VRZA Regio - Contest                 [vrza-re]
 Mar 14    1200-1700 DIG-QSO-Party                        [dig-qso]

This table is fairly straightforward. The comment in brackets at the end of each line is the rules filename for each contest. To show the rules for a particular contest you use the SHOW/CONTEST command again, but specifying the rules file you wish to read.


show/contest arrl

would output the rules file for the ARRL contest in the list. Be ready to capture the output as it can be a LOT of information!

It is possible to show contests over a year or a month, a month in a particular year or by a wildcard entry. A wildcard entry must at least start with an asterisk.


show/contest 1/97
show/contest feb
show/contest *rtty

In the three examples above, example 1 would give a table for the month of January in 1997, example 2 would give a table for February of the current year and example 3 would list all RTTY contests for the current year.

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