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15. Qsl details.

Sometimes you miss the QSL information for a station you have just worked or heard. This can be annoying, especially if it is a rare contact. Most DX expeditions appoint a QSL manager for the station and some permanent stations who do not have access to QSL bureaux or have problems with mail use a QSL manager in a different country. It is possible to get QSL or address details for a particular station using the SHOW/QSL and SHOW/ADDRESS commands. You can also find out what stations a particular callsign is manager for with SHOW/MANAGER.


show/qsl 5n3cpr
show/address kp2a 
show/manager w3hnk

Of course, it is quite possible that the one you are looking for is not in the database. If you work a station and know the QSL manager, it would be good to check if the database knows it. If it does not, then you can add the information to the database so others can find out. This way, the database is regularly updated. To do this, the UPDATE command is used. The correct syntax of the UPDATE/QSL command is like this,

update/qsl (dx-call) (manager) (comment)

The "manager" field only accepts one word, so anything else should go in the "comment" field.


update/qsl m0azm g0vgs or via bureau

The comments field is optional but the other fields must be completed. Once you have hit return, the entry will be added and you will be returned to the prompt. You can now check the entry with the SHOW/QSL command. You can also add addresses to the database. To do this use the command, UPDATE/ADDRESS.


update/address g0vgs

You will now be told to go ahead. Type in the address in the way you normally would and then exit it the usual way with /exit, or your exit string if you have set one, on a new line.


update/address g0vgs
Info will be stored for key "g0vgs". Go ahead!
  21 Colwyn Avenue
  LA4 6EQ

You will now be returned to the prompt. Keeping the QSL and address databases upto date is everyones job and will help all the users of the cluster.

You can delete old QSL information by using the CLEAR/QSL command. To delete QSL information you have to specify both the DX callsign and the manager.

clear/qsl (dxcall) (manager)

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