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8. Talk mode.

You can send a single comment or start a dedicated talk session to another user by using the TALK command.

Talk mode is used to send a one line comment or greeting to a specific user connected either at your node or another in the network. You can also enter into a dedicated talk session with another user. Talks will be automatically forwarded to other nodes if the station you are talking to is not connected locally. You can find out who is connected by using the SHOW/CONFIGURATION command, (described earlier).


talk g0rdi Having a good day Iain?

This example would send the line "Having a good day Iain?" to the user g0rdi but would leave you in normal mode.

talk g0rdi
Entering Talkmode, /EX to end, /<cmd> to run a command
Talk (G0RDI)>

As you can see, you can still run commands whilst in talk mode. Simply prefix the command with a / like /sh/dx and you will get the expected output. If the user is connected to another node, you may have to use a slightly extended version of the TALK command.

talk g0rdi > gb7djk

To exit talk mode, you issue the command /ex.

Whilst in talk mode you will still receive DX spots. This means that you can chat to a friend whilst working DX.

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