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7. Nodes and users.

You can check which nodes are connected in the network, who is logged on locally, who is logged on at all the nodes or even just one node in particular. This is handy if you wish to see whether a friend is connected at the node they use. To see who is connected to the nodes, the SHOW/CONFIGURATION command is used.


show/configuration (node_call)
show/configuration (prefix)

The first of our three examples would output something like this,

Node         Callsigns
EI5TCR       (7 users)
GB7BAA       G4FPV        G8TIC
GB7BIG       (GD0TEP)     GD3UMW
GB7BPQ       (G0INA)      G0RCI        G3AKU        G3OCA
(GB7CDX)     G3JNB        G4ALR
GB7DJK       G0FYD        G0REK        G1TLH        G4PEL        G4SOZ
             G4TVR        G7SQW        K8AZ         M0CTQ-1      MM1CXE-10
GB7DXA       G0RDI        G8SJP
GB7DXC       (G0HDB)      G0WFK        (G1FYC)      G3KWK        G3LME
             G3OIL        G4BGW        G4FUJ        (G4PDQ)      GW7SMV
GB7DXE       G1NNB
(GB7DXG)     GU6EFB       GU7DHI
GB7DXK       G1NTW        G3IBI        G3NSM        G3XAQ        G4CUS
             G4XQY        G7GAN
GB7DXM       G1EUC        G3GAF        G3LAS        G4ZTR        G8WXU
             M0BCT        M1EMF

You will notice that EI5TCR is showing only that it has 7 users and not giving the actual callsigns. This means that this node is on a limited protocol of some kind, probably because of a contest situation where slow radio links can block up and fail if too much information is sent between nodes.

The second example would just show the nodes connected in the network, like this,

Node         Callsigns
GB7BAA       GB7BAA       GB7BPQ       (GB7CDX)     GB7DJK       GB7DXA      
             GB7DXC       GB7DXE       (GB7DXG)     GB7DXK       GB7DXL      
             GB7DXM       GB7DXS       GB7IPT       GB7MRS       GB7UJS      
             GB7YDX       KL7G         N2TLY        (ON0DXK)                 
GB7BIG       EI5TCR       GB7ADX       GB7BIG       GB7UDX                   
PA4AB-14     PA4AB-14                                                        
PI4TUE-8     PI4TUE-8    

If we insert the node_call pi4tue-8 into the third example, then this would be the output,

Node         Callsigns
PI4TUE-8     9A1CMA-6     DF6PW        DL4FAY       DL4KAK       DL4WF-2     
             F5NOD-2      F5PAC        IZ0CSR       N6CR         OH2BLD      
             ON1LVL-13    ON4CBT       ON4CJP       ON5DXL-14    ON7NQ       
             PA0RCT       PA3DYS       PA3FDO       PA5KW-4      PI4TUE-9    

As you can see, only the users of the requested node are shown.

You can also use a prefix to show only a group of nodes. For example you may only wish to see who is connected to the nodes in the UK. To do this simply use a prefix like this ...

show/configuration gb7

To show the locally connected users, the SHOW/USERS command is used



The output of this command would look like this,

Callsigns connected to GB7MBC
G0JHC        G0NEI        G0VGS        G0VGS-2      G0YLM                    
G3JAG        G3OWO        G3UEU

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