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20. Overview of CLX \version user commands

Only the upper case parts of the commands have tp be entered, the lower case part is optional: SHOW/CONFIGURATION/NODES is identical to SH/C/N. Arguments in [square brackets] denote optional characters. They may or may not be entered. Arguments in "<" and ">" are variables. For <call> you must specify a real callsign. CLX does not care if you use upper case letters or lower case.

ANNOUNCE             Announcement to all locally connected users
BYE                  Terminate connection
CLEAR/PROFILE        Delete user profile
CLEAR/QSL            Delete QSL information
CONFERENCE           Enter the conference named <name>
DELETE               Delete messages <nr1,..,nrX>
DIRECTORY            List last five messages
DX                   Enter a DX spot
GREP                 Scan all bulletins for the string <pattern>
HELP                 Help for CLX commands
QUIT                 Terminate connection
READ                 Read message <nr>
REPLY                Reply to message <nr>
SEND                 Send a message to <call> at <nodecall>
SET/ALARM            Set a warning alarm for a specific string
SET/ALIVE            Turn on the alive timer
SET/ANNOUNCE         Turn on Announcements
SET/ANSI             Turn on some colour attributes
SET/BEEP             Turn on beep with DX und ANN
SET/CHARSET          Define character-filter
SET/DISTRO           Add the user <call> to the list <listname>
SET/DXDEDX           !Switch off "internet" spots
SET/DX_ANNOUNCE      Turn on show dx-spots
SET/EXIT             Define exit string for talk, send etc.
SET/FILTER           Set freq. or mode filter number <nr1,..,nrX>
SET/HERE             Set the here - flag
SET/HOME_NODE        Set home-node for messages
SET/LANGUAGE         Define preferred language
SET/LOCATION         Define location of your station
SET/LOGIN_ANNOUNCE   Show user login and logout
SET/NAME             Enter your name
SET/NOALARM          Turn off the warning alarm
SET/NOALIVE          Turn off the alive timer
SET/NOANNOUNCE       Turn off announcements
SET/NOANSI           Turn off colour attributes
SET/NOBEEP           Turn off beep with DX and ANN
SET/NODISTRO         Remove a user from the list <listname>
SET/NODXDEDX         !Turn on "internet" spots
SET/NODX_ANNOUNCE    Turn off show dx-spots
SET/NOFILTER         Unset all filters or only number <nr1,..,nrX>
SET/NOHERE           Set the nohere - flag
SET/NOLOGIN_ANNOUNCE Turn off user login and logout show
SET/NOTALKTIME       Turn off the time in talks
SET/QTH              Enter your QTH (Name)
SET/TALKTIME         Set a time flag for talk sessions
SHOW/ANNOUNCEMENTS   Show last five announcements
SHOW/BANDS           List all segments known for <mode>
SHOW/CBA             !Get callbook information for <call>
SHOW/CHARSET         Show character-set currently in use
SHOW/CHARSETS        Show all available character-sets
SHOW/CLUSTER         Show cluster configuration information
SHOW/COMMANDS        Show all udt-tables incl. info header
SHOW/CONFERENCE      List all conferences going on
SHOW/CONFIGURATION   Show users at node <call>
SHOW/CONTEST         Show contests that fit a wildcard
SHOW/DISTRO          Show members of the list <listname>
SHOW/DX              Show spots from a certain date
SHOW/DXCC            Show DXCC Country of <call>
SHOW/DXDEDX          Show zones defined as "internet" spots
SHOW/DXFROM          Show which last five callouts <call> has made
SHOW/DXSTATISTIC     Query which bands have had the most DX over three time periods
SHOW/EXIT            Show exit string
SHOW/FILTER          Show which filter is set
SHOW/FILTERS         Show all defined filters
SHOW/GRAYLINE        Show grayline times for a given locator
SHOW/HEADING         Show beam headings for a given locator
SHOW/LANGUAGE        Show which language is set
SHOW/LANGUAGES       Show all present languages
SHOW/LOG             Show the last five logins/logouts of <call>
SHOW/MANAGER         !Show DX calls for which <call> is manager
SHOW/PREFIX          Show DXCC Country of <call>
SHOW/PROFILE         Show private profile
SHOW/QSL             !Show QSL information for <call>
SHOW/STATION         Show personal information of <call>
SHOW/SUN             Calculate sunrise/sunset for <qthloc>
SHOW/SYSOP           Shows who is the sysop for this node
SHOW/UPTIME          Show the uptime of the node
SHOW/USERS           List of locally connected users
SHOW/VERSION         Show CLX version
SHOW/WWV             Show recent WWV data from <date>
TALK                 Switch to talk mode with <call>
UPDATE/PROFILE       Modify/create login script
UPDATE/QSL           Enter QSL information
WWV                  Input WWV data

Commands marked with a ! are sysop configurable optional commands and may not be available.

To find out differences between CLX and AK1A's PacketCluster software, use HELP PACKCLUS.

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