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11. Hints, tips and common questions.

Q.These commands seem very long! Can I shorten them?

A.Of course you can and the usual abbreviations work. If you are unsure, try it.

Q.I am not sure if this command is correct. Can I cause any harm if I try it?

A.Do not be afraid to try a command to see if it will work, at the worst you will get an error message. If you require any help on a command, just type help followed by the command you want help on. Look at the "DXSpider Command Reference" section to see what help can be found.

Q.How should I use the announce command?

A.With respect. Use the command by all means, but please only use the "full" extension if absolutely necessary. It can create a LOT of messages passing between clusters.

Q.I like to be working in the shack while logged into the cluster but I can't be looking at the screen all the time. How can I be alerted when anything happens?

A.Use the SET/BEEP command. You can find information on this in the "DXSpider Command Reference" section.

Q.I got disconnected from the cluster and now I can't log back in again. What is wrong?

A.Probably the cluster thinks you are still logged on and will not let you reconnect using the same call to prevent loops. Try logging on again adding an ssid to your callsign as DXSpider treats G0YLM and G0YLM-1 as different users.

Q.How do I know if I have got the latest version of this user manual?

A.The latest and greatest will always be on the Website. It will also be included with every release of DXSpider. As always, if unsure, ask your sysop what version number is the latest.

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