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3. Setting your personal details.

Once logged in to the cluster, you should set your details so that anybody who wishes to contact you can find out who and where you are. There are four items to set, your name, qth, location and home node. Setting these details also allows the use of the SHOW/HEADING and SHOW/SUN commands from within the cluster. Unless you set your QTH and location, these commands cannot function. Once you have set your name, CLX will greet you with it next time you login. Your QTH setting is where you live and it is a good idea to add your locator to this as the location setting is converted to latitude and longitude once inputted. You can actually set your location in latitude/longitude or as a locator. Setting your home node will tell the program where you wish mail to be sent to you. If you do not set your home node, CLX will decide on its own by counting the number of logins at a specific node if it can be seen on the network. If you log in more than five times at the same node, it will assume that this is your (probably new) home node. However, if you set your home node, CLX will not alter it.


set/name Ian
set/qth Morecambe, Lancashire IO84NB
set/location 48 34 n 12 12 e
set/location IO84NB
set/home gb7mbc

There are other helpful commands that you can set but we will look at those later.

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