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10. The bulletin area.

CLX has a bulletin area that your sysop can hold copies of DX bulletins in of any sort. You can list them, read them and also search them for a keyword such as a callsign. This is a good way of finding out who the QSL manager is for a specific DXpedition for example. Typical bulletins would be the OPDX bulletins. Bulletins are stored by year and you can specify which year you wish to search or search the whole database.

To list the bulletins available you use the DIRECTORY command.


directory/bulletin opdx*
directory/bulletin 1997/opdx*

The first example would list the latest five bulletins in the current year. The second would list bulletins matching opdx* from the current year and the third would list any bulletins matching opdx* from the year 1997. The example above might output something like this ..


opdx375.98        14647     g0vgs 25-Sep-1998 1818Z
dxnews385.98       6364     g0ylm 25-Sep-1998 1934Z

You can now read the bulletin of your choice with the TYPE command.


type/bulletin opdx375.98
type/bulletin 1997/opdx325.97

The first example would output the specified bulletin in the current year whereas the second would output the bulletin from the specified year.

Searching for a callsign or a text string is accomplished with the GREP command. You should note that this command is case sensitive. This means that looking up G0VGS is different to looking up g0vgs. The output of this command will tell you which bulletin a specified search pattern is in, so you can simply read that bulletin, saving lots of time and effort!


grep DF7RX

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